In the Loop is an improvised percussion solo using simple looper pedal, several instruments, and voice.

Recorded Sunday 4 November, 2012 at Headline Studios, Irvington, NY.
Audio and video recorded by Joe DiGiorgi using ProTools for audio/video editing and a Hi-8 DV camera.

This solo is meant to share my work in terms of the various percussion instruments that I play on a regular basis. These include: a Wavedrum percussion synthesizer, moving to a caxixi/shaker pair [crudely lashed together with duct tape], Brazilian berimbau [the musical bow used traditionally in the martial art Capoeira], a frame drum ['Creature' drum crafted by Norbert Eckermann--see Links page], wordless vocal, and finally, drum set.

I jumped into this without a specific plan, and did approximately 8 attempts before setting on the final take that you see above. No two attempts were identical, in either exact groove or melody, though I did go from one instrument to the next in the same sequence each time.

Some responses to 'In The Loop' video:

"Great job! Very cool stuff!"
- Rodney Holmes
(Lithium Tree, Santana, Brecker Brothers, etc)
Video: In the Loop
Percussion / Drums / Voice: Greg Burrows
© 2012 Greg Burrows