I've been playing drums and percussion instruments since childhood. I consider myself to be rooted most deeply in jazz music but play nearly any/all styles of music (some of those other styles being: rock n roll, blues, punk, New Music, free improvisation, various Latin music traditions, music from Brazil, etc).

In addition to drum set, I specialize in various frame drums (mostly, bodhran and a hybrid creation, the Norbert Eckermann Creature). I also play the Wave Drum electronic percussion synthesizer.

Some musicians become truly expert at one specialization and then build on that direction for life; I on the other hand, reinvent myself every 10 years of so (although you'll still find me in the clubs playing jazz etc). My most current focus is playing, programming, sound design and mixing on the incredible MASCHINE 2.0 rhythm instrument and software. Now in 2014, I'm preparing beats and mixes that will end up on radio spots, clubs, and possibly film/television. Please check in with my Audio page for new electronic grooves, ambient chill beats, and more. I'll be establishing myself as an electronic drummer, percussionist and DJ for the remainder of this decade.

I've performed at: Montreal Jazz Festival - Lincoln Center in New York - The Blue Note (NY) - International World Music Festival of Louisiana - Haus Der Kulturen in Berlin - Ghetto Club in Istanbul, Turkey - Barbes in Park Slope, Brooklyn - and many, many other venues, festivals, cruise ships and private events, both locally in New York City and worldwide.

I also lead Taketina rhythm workshops - a joyful, potentially life-changing rhythm/music experience as reported by many participants who have participated in my workshops. Please click on the Taketina page on this site for more information, and the Events page to see where/when the next Taketina workshop led by me will happen.